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''Those who can take an adaptive stance, both as individuals and organizations, are best positioned to realize their full potential during uncertain times. Through research and insights, Gale provides the approach and tools for executives to lead by example in order to thrive in the digital age.''
 —Vanessa Colella, Head of Citi Ventures and Chief Innovation Officer, Citi

“It isn’t enough to evolve your existing business processes. Gale understands that businesses need real transformation. In The Digital Helix, they provide information and tools to help you understand what successful transformations look like.   

 —Kelly Faley, Vice President, Digital Marketing, Sharp Healthcare

“You can’t successfully manage

transformations without effectively

managing expectations. By ruthlessly

confronting how digital innovation explicitly

disrupt enterprise expectations, Gale focuses               

       executive attention exactly where it

              the challenge of aligning greater 

              belongs expectations with greater value." 

              —Michael Schrage, Research fellow,

              MIT Fellow and the MIT Initiative on the            

              Digital Economy      

"Don’t let the title fool you; this goes way beyond digital. Gale has given us a refreshing perspective about the importance of simplicity, clarit, and culture in any transformation, along with a poignant reminder that we must never lose sight of our most critical asset – the very people we serve.”

Colette LaForce, Named top 50 women in technology, a Fierce 15 and CMO Leader of the Year

"A company that gets digital right is

   a company built for the future."     

—Jon Iwata, Former Senior Vice President of Marketing and Communications, IBM

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