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A world-renowned expert on the right pathways for digitally transforming corporations, governments, and societies to thrive.

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Acclaimed prime author of the Wall Street Journal bestselling book in 2017,” The Digital Helix, ” 

transforming your organization's DNA to thrive in the digital age; with over 200,000 chapter downloads on optimal mindset for transformational change.

In the book, he explains what the seven core digital DNA components are that seem to co-habit the inside of organizations that are successfully adapting to a new world. The stark differences between success and near success may look like a thin line but they are often a vast chasm.  

Michael is a Forbes Contributor on the leadership platform and host of: Futures In Focus a podcast covering how the world will look and feel and act in the next decade. He is a global top 10 AI influencer and frequent public speaker around the DNA of successful organizational thinking and design.

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